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Get Your 2020 Biden-Harris / Malinowski Lawn Signs

NOTE: No more signs are available. Feel free to make a donation, however!

The Westfield Democratic Committee is preparing to place a bulk order of Biden-Harris lawn signs to distribute in coming weeks. All Congressman Malinowski signs are free. 

The per unit cost for a Biden/Harris sign is about $3.50 (we are approximating shipping). Please note, the WDC is simply a clearing house of sorts and is not raising any funds from this.

When the signs are shipped, we will send pick up and payment instructions to all those who requested a sign. 

Let's show everyone that Westfield supports Joe Biden, Congressman Malinowski and the rule of law. Order up to 3 of each sign.

Thank you for your support. Together we can restore our democracy on November 3rd!

Do you need a lawn sign?